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How long?

Have you ever waited so long to post that every time you think about posting, you realize how much you want to post about and then decide that you just don’t want to take the time to write about everything? Yeah, that’s me. To combat this, I’m going to try and write a little bit all day long until I’ve written about everything I’ve been wanting to write about.

Golf Tournament

Travelers sponsors a PGA Tour golf tournament here in Connecticut. It’s called the Travelers Championship. They were looking for volunteers to work various jobs at the tournament and Sharron told me it might be a good idea to get my face out there. I signed up to work 2 days in the Skyboxes. I had no idea what I would be doing when I showed up. It turned out that I was basically crowd control and needed to get the drunkspeople to quiet down when golfing was about to occur. Friday was my first day of volunteering and it was a LONG one. I got there early, at around 8:30, and worked until around 6:30. Ugh. I was pretty tired by the end of the day. Since I was controlling the crowd, I was on my feet the entire time. After lunch, most of the volunteers left and I was left to control the entire Skybox myself. It wasn’t too bad, but it didn’t leave me much time to sit and take a break. Saturday was better as I had 1 other person helping me all day long, and as a bonus, I got to leave at 4:30. I guess it was pretty cool. I got to see all of the pros walk by and see them play. Not that I knew who anybody was… Plus, I was also pretty surprised by how bad some of them were. I figured that pros would never hit a ball into the water…

Lyme Disease Scare

On Friday of last week, Sharron called me on my way home. Parker had not been interested in eating his food either at breakfast or at dinner all week long. He’d started to act pretty tired all the time and not at all himself. That Monday we’d had him shaved down for the summer and he looked REALLY skinny, skinnier than usual. We’ve been taking him to Doggy Daycare since a few days after Sharron started work. This has been great for him as he really loves to go and play with the other dogs. In the evenings, he then has little to no energy and sleeps really well at night. He’s been getting more and more used to this and has had more energy in the evenings and really seems like a happy dog. Until last week. The daycare workers recommended to Sharron that she take him to the vet as all he’d wanted to do all day was lay down in their laps. The vet ran some tests which came back negative, but wanted to send some blood work off just to be sure. His thought was that Parkers symptoms were Lyme Disease. It’s pretty rampant in this part of the country, and we’ve been trying really hard to make him safe, but we also knew that there was some risk involved. At any rate, we were both really scared for him and didn’t want him to be sick. The vet told us that we should make sure he eats his meals even if we have to cook something for-special for him. We keep a supply of canned wet dog food for him in case he ever needs to eat something extra. We immediately put him on a diet of half a can of it, plus kibble, every meal. With in 2 days of eating regularly, he was almost back to his normal self. Last night the vet called us to tell us that the blood test came back negative. When I told him how Parker is doing, he said that he probably just caught a virus or cold from one of the other kids dogs at daycare. Phew! According to my coworkers, it’s the same with kids. Scary, and I’m glad it’s over.

Work Move

Last week they moved my entire office down to the 3rd floor (I was on 8).  My desk space is about the same, but instead of being in a collaborative 4 person area, I now have my own cubicle with 3 walls.  The only downside to this is that I’m not next to the window anymore.  I didn’t think it would matter, but yesterday Sharron commented on how it had been thunder-storming all day long.  My response, “It rained today!?”  It’s not as bad as it was when I worked my last job in Japan, but it’s not great either.

Six Flags

A Saturday morning a few weekends ago, Sharron woke up and decided we should go to Six Flags. I was definitely in favor of this, so we went. We weren’t sure what to expect, but the park turned out to be pretty nice. Since it was a Saturday, the crowds were pretty bad, but since it also turned out to be MUCHO hot that day, a lot of the people were heading to the water park. We started out with the Superman coaster. It’s touted as the “worlds best steel coaster” and I guess it was voted as such for a couple of years in a row. It is BIG and it is FAST. However, it has no loops. If it did, it probably would have been in my top 5 coasters. As it was, it was really fun, but it sure felt like I’d been to the gym afterwards. We next rode the Mind Eraser. Like it’s name implies, it erased my mind! Honestly, it wasn’t a bad little hanging coaster. It was a little rough, but kinda fun. Our last coaster of the day was Batman. It’s a “floorless” coaster which means that the seat sits a little up from the train part. It’s a much more comfortable train than your standard floored trains. The coaster itself was pretty fun, but extremely short. There was one loop/twist in particular that I really loved and I would have liked to ride that coaster again just for that loop/twist. However, since the line was about 45 minutes long, I had other coasters in mind to ride first. The problem was that the weather didn’t want to cooperate. As we were headed to our next coaster, it started to rain. What we thought was strange was that they closed all the rides down. We discovered later that there was lightning in the area, but at the time it was just rain and being from Seattle, I found it pretty unthinkable that they’d close the park down just for that. We decided to just call it a day. We’d had fun and were hot and wet, so we headed home to relax. We’ll be back though!


On our way to Six Flags, we were driving up our street and were in front of the house 2 houses from ours when a HUGE black bear ran out in front of our car. We joke that if Parker ever saw a bear that he wouldn’t know what it was, because to him, bears don’t exist. Strangely, that was my first reaction too. My mind said, “My, what a large dog.” Sharron’s mind said, “BEAR!” Out loud she said, “WHOA!” That spurred my mind into realigning what it had seen. Another car had been coming down the road and had stopped. The bear ran back across the road. The car pulled down closer to us and I said to them, “Pretty cool huh?” The lady driving the other vehicle said back, “I need to go put my dog inside.” She then calmly got out of her car, and started walking towards the house where the bear was headed (her house I’m assuming). Before she went though, she said, “There’s a cub up in that tree.” Sharron saw the cub, but I missed it. All the way to Six Flags we discussed why she was so stupid as to get out of her car where there is a bear with a cub nearby. We agreed that is was more stupid that she was so calm whilst getting her dog. She should have at least been running. So. Bear. Near our house.

“Big! Bear! Big bear chase me!” John Candy – The Great Outdoors.


It’s true, I’m now Baskin Robbins.