Daily Archive for July 7th, 2008

Break time

I remember reading a silly comic strip back in the late 90′s where a guy was at work and needed to take a break.  What did he do?  He watched the Episode 1 trailer of course.  :-)

Today I took a “Where The Hell Is Matt?” break.  You should too.


Instead of having fun over the July 4th weekend, Sharron and I decided to start painting the game room in the basement.  We’d picked out colors back in April, but then never started painting due to the wall replacement project.  After it was complete, Sharron was just about to start work, so we never started it then either.  With the long weekend in front of us, we figured it was time to tackle it.  Normally, the prep doesn’t take too long, but the actual painting can take the longest as you have to wait for the paint to dry.  Not this time.  The wall replacement project had made the area need a lot of work to clean so we spent the majority of the day Friday doing that.  We were able to paint the ceiling in the 1/2 of the room that hadn’t been painted yet, so not too bad.  That was all we did Friday though, so you can get a sense of how much work the room needed to prep.

Saturday, Sharron went with Janet to Boston for some girl time.  I stayed home with Parker and mostly played Super Mario Galaxy and watched The Office, but I also completed the prep work.  The last thing that needed to be done was to tape the floor boards.  It didn’t take me more than 1-2 hours, so plenty of time to goof off.

Sunday was the big push to paint.  The colors we chose are a lightish green and a darkish green.  The light green will be the main color with the dark being an “accent” color.  There will be 4 walls that have the dark green, but it’s a relatively minor amount.  We started with the light green.  The first coat took us 3 hours.  We took an hour break and then completed the second coat in another 3 hours.  Not too bad really.  We didn’t start until 12, so we finished at around 7.

Our plan is to work on the dark green throughout the week.  After we’re done with that, we’re going to replace all of the electrical outlets and light switches.  That shouldn’t take too long and should be fun.  We’re also going to replace the track lighting in 1/2 of the room with new track lighting.  We found some modern fixtures that look pretty cool.

So anyway, not a bad bit of work for the weekend.