Daily Archive for July 14th, 2008

Saturday Morning Cartoons

In the old days, I guess before Sharron and then Parker, I used to sleep in very late on the weekends.  I’d always aspire to be up early on Sunday, but usually get up at around 11.  When Sharron and I got together, I soon found out that she liked to get up earlier than me.  It’s taken me a long while to adjust, but I’ve finally gotten used to it.  Even still, on the weekends we would sleep in late sometimes.  Of course, when Parker finally moved in with us, I discovered that it’s not as easy for him to change his clock on the weekend to not wake up at 6:00 AM.

When we first moved to CT, we had no fence and the only way he could go out was if we took him for a walk.  This meant that I was getting up between 7 and 8 AM to take him outside.  After walking in the freezing cold, there wasn’t much point to going back to bed, so I’d usually just stay up.  Finally one day, after a big yawn, Sharron asked me, “Why don’t you just ignore him?”  My response was that I had no problem ignoring him, it was that he had a hard time ignoring my nose (and biting it).  Based on her advice though, I found that I could roll over and ignore him and he’d leave me alone.

Now, after being here for 6 months and getting used to everything and falling into a routine (a flexible one, but still a routine), I find that I’m waking up at like 8 AM on the weekends anyway.  Go figure.

I’m not sure if it was this weekend, or the previous one, but while Sharron was in the shower, I was sitting in bed watching TV.  I was looking through the listings and found that there were MANY channels that had cartoons listed all morning long!  Spider-Man.  Ninja Turtles.  Heck, even a new Tom and Jerry cartoon!  I couldn’t believe it.  I clearly remembered some conversations with Urn (Kat too maybe) regarding the state of Saturday Morning Cartoons (yes, you SHOULD capitalize all 3 words).  We’d found that there simply weren’t any.  Maybe 1 channel, Fox probably, had them on.  But they weren’t anything special.  Growing up when we did, we both had fond memories of getting up before the parental units and watching cartoons.  Not that there weren’t cartoons on during the week, because there were, but the Saturday Morning Cartoons were something special.  There was no conflict between having to go to school, or maybe going outside to play while there was still daylight.  It was EARLY (probably before 6 AM) and there was no school and still a LOT of daylight left in the day.  It was easy to just sit and watch cartoons all morning.

In the fall there was a Friday night special that most of the channels would air that detailed all of the new cartoons you could expect.  I remember being so excited about the new stuff!  So anyway, it was really a treat to see that Saturday Morning Cartoons had made a comeback.  I have no idea if there are any kids up before 6:00 AM (or for that matter if the cartoons are on that early), but I am glad that at least the opportunity is there for the kids today to share in something I remember so fondly from my childhood.  :-)

On a totally unrelated note, Sharron and I have been working in the game room the last 2 weekends.  We’ve spent more time than we thought we would getting the room in order.  We did a really good job though as the room looks spectacular.  The colors on the walls are perfect and really make the room look brand new.  The ceiling was in such bad shape that it looks amazing with a fresh coat of paint too.  We even replaced all of the light switches and outlets with new white fixtures.  Besides the guest bathroom, this is the first room in the house that we’ve done that in.  It really makes the room look nice.  Only shocked myself 3 times too!

We still need to replace the track lighting and fix the drywall around one of the windows, but otherwise, it’s ready for some gaming.  :-)