Daily Archive for July 21st, 2008

Early Morning and a 6-day work week

Though today is Monday, yesterday was the official start of my work week.  One of my projects had some stuff going live on the web yesterday, so I got to come in to work at 5:00 AM to work with the implementation team.  Since I am the project manager, I coordinate all of the work and ensure that all the affected agencies are kept in the loop as far as the status goes.  Like all good things, it should only take 3-4 hours but took 6.5 instead.  Gah.

They update the website with changes once a month, but for the most part, I won’t have any changes more than 1-4 times a year.  It all depends on what projects I’m assigned to.  Still sucked big big though.

Didn’t I leave all of this behind in the Air Force?  I guess not.  Oh well, at least it’s not every other month!  :-)


Isn’t it funny how there are different levels of unpacking?  When your stuff arrives at your new home, you unpack it and put it away.  Then, you have to clean up all the crap, before pulling out some stuff (probably decorations) to make the home a home.  Next, you further pull things out and make sure they are put back where they should actually go.  Finally, after said things are where they should actually go, you have to pull them out AGAIN and organize them into some form of coherency.  This is the most painful step because technically, the stuff is where it needs to be, it’s just not in a very usable state.  However, it IS usable, it would just be MORE usable if it were organized.

Sharron and I have been working on this final step all over the house for awhile now.  We tackled all of our holiday decorations this weekend.  It was pretty easy really, but it still took a good long time.

In my spare time, I’ve also been working on organizing all of our books.  Again, pretty easy, just time consuming.