Daily Archive for November 3rd, 2008

Morton’s Steakhouse

Thursday night I had a business dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse.  My boss, Keith, had asked our 3 vendors to come in to town for a strategy meeting on Friday and wanted to have dinner the night before.  Jokingly, as I was setting it up, had suggested Morton’s.  The vendors thought this was a GREAT idea though, so I set it up.  Only later did I find out that it’s traditional for the vendor to pick up the tab in this type of situation.  I had been to Morton’s once before, back in July of 2002 when I’d taken a trip to Vegas.  I remember paying something like $150 for 2 people.  Being young and not having much money at the time, I probably didn’t order anything extravagant either.  I spoke to my vendors about this and they assured me that it was no problem.  Apparantly we are giving them enough business to cover this sort of thing.  :-)

So anyway, with a party of 12, we didn’t qualify for either of the private dining rooms, but were still able to get one when there was a last minute cancellation.  Working ahead of time with the staff, I was also able to get all of the companies logos printed on the menu as well.  This was a HUGE hit.  Of course, in these situations, to be polite you’re supposed to go in knowing what you want to order ahead of time and to not really order anything extravagant or extraneous.  When my vendors starting ordering several appetizers and bottles of wine not seeming to care what anybody ordered, it was hard not to really enjoy yourself.  We ended up staying from 5:30 until around 8:30 – 9:00.  As I’d learned after my last visit, you simply MUST order a dessert souffle.  I made sure mine was chocolate.  No one else seemed interested as I don’t think anybody knows what they are.  I did convince Mario, who was sitting next to me, to order one though and he agreed with me that they are quite exquisite.  For my steak I had the double filet mignon.  It wasn’t as good as the souffle.  :-)

So anyway, I had a REALLY good time and I wish that Sharron could have gone with.  Next time I go it will be with her!