Daily Archive for November 4th, 2008

Vote Day

Sharron and I both got up early today to make sure we could go out and vote.  She made it out of the house early and arrived at the voting station about 10 minutes after they opened.  She had to wait for 30 minutes!  After she told me that, I changed my plan to vote after work instead of on the way to the bus stop.  With wait times that long, I would have missed my bus!  My co-worker Michael told me he tried to vote on the way in as well, but that he couldn’t find a place to park!

Last night I did my final bit of research into the candidates and have made my decisions as to who I’m voting for.  Sharron said she felt a greater peace about the day now that she’s voted, but I’m already a lot more peaceful now that I’ve finally made my decisions.  I’m going to head out early, probably on the 4:10 bus this afternoon to go to the polls.

Thinking about all of this, it’s hard to not get discouraged.  My biggest problem is not with broken campaign promises, but instead with voting records.  Many of the sites that talk about the candidates talk about if they’ve voted with their party or not and how often.  I think I’ve decided that that statistic is pretty useless.  What I really want to know is if the candidate will or has voted with what their beliefs are and what they campaigned that they are.  Instead, if they stuck with the party line and didn’t vote like they felt they should, I don’t want them in office.  I instead want someone who’s willing to stand up for what they belive in.  If it happens to be with or against the party, who really cares?