Daily Archive for November 18th, 2008

Comic Book Project Finished (for now)

I started collecting comic books my senior year in high school when Superman died.  At the time I just thought that that issue would be an interesting collectible and I never expected to actually read it and enjoy it.  Of course, as with most things, once you start, it’s hard to stop.  Superman led to Batman, which led to lots of other titles over the years.  I think at one point I was reading something like 30 titles a month!  I did at some point realize that I was simply reading a book because I hadn’t stopped, not because it was good.  This caused me to cut out a good number of titles and really focus on stuff I was enjoying.  This allowed me to add in the occational new title to check it out and see if I liked it.  However, towards the end of last year, I really didn’t have enough time to read them anymore.  I started to have a box that was filled with unread issues, which I really didn’t like as it started to become a mountain that would be too hard to climb.  I’d always want to read it, but probably never would.  So, I cancelled all of my titles.

As you can imagine, having started in 1996 and collecting all the way until 2007, I had a great many comic books.  Add to that moving from college to Colorado, to Alabama, to Japan and to Connecticut, I had quite the mish-mash of organization going on.  So, one of my goals was to get them all sorted and documented so that I would know what I have.  The problem is always time.  When we first moved in, I knew that the game room in the basement would be perfect for this task.  However, our first big goal when we moved in was to get the house in order.  Painting, new flooring, etc.  The game room was finally finished early in the summertime and I was able to start my project.  Of course, this is where the time factor came in.  I could either have fun in the evening after work, or work on comics.  Or, I could do work with Sharron or work on comics.  I’m sure you can see a pattern in there some where.  :-)

This Wednesday, we’re having our house re-appraised.  This will hopefully enable us to get rid of our Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and allow us to have some more equity in the house.  What I’ve learned from that show on one of the home improvement channels called, “What’s it worth” (or something like that) is that if your house is a mess or cluttered, you won’t get the same value as if the same house were clean and un-cluttered.  These two things don’t change the house at all, but it’s all perception.  So, Sharron and I have been a whirlwind of activity the last 2 weeks or so trying to get the house comepletely in order.  Last weekend I managed to finally get all of the comics at least sorted by title, back into boxes and then I labeled all of the boxes so I know where to find everything.  I did not have time to complete the spreadsheet part of this project, that will have to wait for another day.  So yay!  That’s done for now.  :-)