Saturday’s lately have become out out and about day.  This weekends was the longest yet!  We left home at like 9:30 and headed to the Harvest Cafe for breakfast.  We only recently tried it for the first time, but they have crazy good breakfast.  Then we headed down to Newington for some shopping.  We went many places.  Lunch was fast food:  Arby’s.  I only ate curley fries.  :-)  Our last destination of the day was Linen and Things since they’re going out of business.  We wanted to get a stool for the guest bathroom, but they were all gone.  Dinner was at Outback.  Ever since they come up with the $10 outback special (8 oz steak, 2 sides) we’ve been hooked.  I mean, who can pass up dinner out for $25?

Sunday we did this!:

It only took us like 10 hours!

It only took us like 10 hours!

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