Monthly Archive for December, 2008


My father-in-law Jerry, his girlfriend Vera, and her 2 sons Kevin and Michael have been here since late Christmas eve.  So far, it’s been a lot of fun.  :-)

Yesterday, Jerry and I were out shopping at a sporting goods store and the owner was pulling one of the New Englander’s famous, “where are you from” attitudes.  They just don’t seem to understand that people outside of NE are still people and not morons.  When he noticed that Jerry had a southern accent, he immediately wanted to talk about the south.  However, it wasn’t a nice talk.  It was almost like he’d been there to fix up the place or something.  THEN his story turned ugly.  He mentioned that if you’re from Indiana that you’re a Hoosier.  Ok.  Then followed up with this question, “If you’re from Louisiana, are you a Loosier?”  This was not only rude and insulting (since Jerry IS from Louisiana) but just plain mean.  Jerry was cool as a cat though and countered with, “Well, when I’m in the north, I always try to find out if Damn Yankee is 1 word or 2.”  This sure shut this guy up quick.  Pretty awesome comeback if you ask me.

Last night, Kevin and I headed down into Hartford and checked out the 2 Irish pubs that I know about there.  What we didn’t count on was that UCONN had had a basketball game down there last night and it was just finishing up as we were arriving.  There were a LOT of people on the streets.  Fortunately, the pubs weren’t too crowded and we were able to get tables at both.  The first one was called Vaughan’s Public House and was pretty good.  Crowded, but the had my favorite local beer called Ten Penny.  Plus, we had Guiness.  :-)  The second is called McKinnon’s.  This was a little less traditional and had live music (that sucked).  Ah well.  We had another local beer there that wasn’t as good, but still had a good time.


It seems that everyone is posting about the snow.  I’ll keep this brief then.  Friday we received 8.5″ and then it continued to snow through the ENTIRE weekend!  Something like 54 hours of continuous snow.  Crazy!

We got out of the house for a bit on Friday afternoon and let Parker play in it.  Just so you know, this was after only a few hours of snow.  We got a lot more after this picture was taken.

Parker in the snow

Parker in the snow

I took this next picture this morning.  Only once before have I seen such amazing icicles, Ellensburg, Washington in 1996/1997.  Those made these look small.

This is the view from our living room.

This is the view from our living room.

Disney is honoring me? Sweet!

Found this online this weekend at Boing Boing.  I think it’s really cool!