Beer Present

Today was my first day back to work after the Christmas break.  I ended up taking 5 days of vacation for a total of 12 days off in a row.  Woo!

One of the meetings I had this afternoon was with my future boss Keith.  It will be hard for him to be my boss as we’re pretty good friends right now.  I had long ago decided that I was going to get him a Costco pack of Tic-Tacs for Christmas.  Not because I felt I needed to get him a present, but because I thought it would be funny.  He apparantly thought it would also be funny to get me a present too.  After he’d opened his gift today, he pulled out a 4-pack of beer, my present.  It’s called Midas Touch. 

On the side it says, “Deep inside this tumulus at Gordion in central Turkey, University of Pennsylvania Museum archaeologists excavated what is quite possibly the tomb of the real King Midas who inspired the legend.  The secrets of the 2,700-year-old beverage were unlocked by a Molecular Archaeologist at the Penn Museum, who analyzed residues from the largest Iron Age drinking set ever found.

It’s really funny to me as he had told me about it several months ago and I am certain that I’ve been mentioning it to him ever since.  It’s really cool!

It has 3 friends…who should join me?

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