Monthly Archive for April, 2009

Prayed for the wrong thing!

On Friday, Sharron finally found out the results of a promotion test she’d taken about 6-8 weeks earlier.  She passed!  Accoding to plan (a list of things that won’t happen) she was supposed to be promoted from TE-0 to TE-1 on Thursday of this week and then to TE-2 2 weeks after that.  This was really good news.

Yesterday, she spoke to HR about this and everything seemed to be ok…at first.  The next message from them though was that she had taken the Transportation test when she was in fact a Construction engineer.  ????  When she first started at the state, she was indeed in the construction division.  However, late last year (read:  5-ish months ago) she transferred to the new department.  Paperwork was supposed to change hands…and bada-bing, she’d be relabeled correctly.  This obviously did not happen.  Ok, so the promotion is delayed until she can get that fixed (yes, you read that right, it’s up to HER to get it fixed).  Plus, she’ll get all her back pay?  Also not bad.

But wait!  My story gets better!  The NEXT (there’s always a next right?) contact with HR was even worse.  Their next message was that she wasn’t sitting in a TE-2 position, but rather a TE-1 position.  ?????  When she moved into the deparment, she was assured that it was a TE-2 position as that was the grade she’s been promised to be able to be promoted to when this silly promotion test was finally offered.  Since the position is actually a TE-1, they would have to upgrade the position to a TE-2 for her to be able to do that.  Apparantly, since the state is in such a state of crisis with the 2009 budget, only the governor could actually approve something like that.  The.  Governor.  WTF?

So, as I had my nightly communique with the Lord last night, I did have to chuckle just a little bit and say, “You got me!”  You see, I had prayed for Sharron to pass the test…not for her to actually be promoted!

Why do I even have a journal anymore?

In the old days I used to post in my spare time.  That time has now become so precious that I can usually find something I’d like to do that isn’t posting.

At work, in the middle of February, I moved into a new job at Travelers.  I went from being an IT Project Manager to being the Manager of Direct Mail.  I was doing that part time as a project manager already, but now I am doing that full time.  I thought that it would make life in that role easier as I wouldn’t have any other duties getting in the way.  Instead, I’ve found that I’m working harder and longer than ever.  This is not to say that it was a bad move, because it wasn’t.  I love my job and really enjoy coming to work everyday.  However, I just have a lot more to do than I ever thought I would.

Who knows, maybe this post will herald in me a new willingness to post?