Why do I even have a journal anymore?

In the old days I used to post in my spare time.  That time has now become so precious that I can usually find something I’d like to do that isn’t posting.

At work, in the middle of February, I moved into a new job at Travelers.  I went from being an IT Project Manager to being the Manager of Direct Mail.  I was doing that part time as a project manager already, but now I am doing that full time.  I thought that it would make life in that role easier as I wouldn’t have any other duties getting in the way.  Instead, I’ve found that I’m working harder and longer than ever.  This is not to say that it was a bad move, because it wasn’t.  I love my job and really enjoy coming to work everyday.  However, I just have a lot more to do than I ever thought I would.

Who knows, maybe this post will herald in me a new willingness to post?

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