Six Flags

Um…hello?  Is this thing on?  Sorry, just making sure this still works.  :-)

2 weekends ago, Sharron and I went to Lake Compounce with her work.  Lake Compounce is a local amusement park.  It’s pretty small, but it’s a really nice little local park.  They have 3 roller coasters, 1 of which is really good, and a bunch of other fun little rides.  About 1/3 of the park has water attractions and for the first time in nearly 10 years I went on a water slide.  In fact, I went on ALL of the water slides.  The park is one of the smallest parks I’ve been to, smaller by far than Enchanted Village/Wild Waves where I used to work in Washington.  The smallest is probably Elich Gardens in Denver, but only by just a smidge.

Going to this park of course awakened my theme park bug.  I love going to the various Six Flags parks and of course Disney.  We have a Six Flags that’s within an hours drive from here and I’d LOVE to go!  My plan is to take a day off of work and just spend it at the park (hopefully when there are no lines!).  Nick and I did that back in 2003 for the Six Flags in Atlanta and it was Awesome!  My problem is…nobody seems to be as interested in going as I am.  I’ve asked nearly everyone I know and for most people, there’ s just not the allure to going that I seem to find.

I’ll keep looking for someone to go with, but if it starts to get too late in the year, I know that no matter what day of the week it is that there will be lines, so I’ll have to go before then…even if I have to go alone.  That’s really no problem though as I rode almost all of the rides at Lake Compounce alone and it wa sn’t so bad.  Well…maybe the water rides as I was probably twice as tall as the other riders.  :-)

Sharron’s back prohibits her from riding most of the rides, so while it was be AWESOME to go with her, I know she’d be pretty bored waiting for me to get off of the roller coasters.

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