CT Veternas Stand Down 2009

Yesterday, Sharron and I volunteered all day at the Connecticut Veterans Stand Down 2009.  We’d been told that we were going to be Lion’s Guides, but had no idea what that was.  When we arrived, we found out where we’d be working and it was at the eye clinic.  We were at first worried that we’d just be doing crowd control or some other menial task all day, but when we started talking to the actual Lions volunteers, they said they could train us to do a couple of the exams in about 5 minutes.  We both ended up leaning the peripheral vision test.  It was easy to do and could be operated from a seated position.

After we did this for about 10 minutes, they asked if anyone would like to be trained on the glaucoma tester.  Sharron volunteered and she proceeded to try and learn for about 10 minutes before giving up.  The doctor said that they really needed someone with good hand/eye coordination.  Sharron volunteered me as she said I was good at video games.  :-)

I started out with MANY problems trying to both operate the device and to get the device itself to work.  After finally getting it figured out how to operate the machine, the hard part was getting the device to work consistently.  Sharron finally figured it out and got it fixed.  After that it was smooth sailing for the rest of the day.  The only real hard part after that was the size of the chairs.  It was hard to get up to where you needed to be to get the exam and it was harder for me to get down to where I could use the device.  I finally ended up putting 1 leg through the back of my chair and sitting on that leg while reaching over the table to use the device.  It wasn’t perfect, but it worked.

This morning Sharron did a quick search for news about the event and found an article:

Record number of Connecticut Veterans seeks aid at state event

If you click through to the article you’ll see that they got a good picture of me as their headline picture.  :-)

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