The Pants Game

One of the games that I like to play with Parker I call the pants game.  It’s pretty simple really:  If I am holding on to a pair of pants, he’s going to try his hardest to bite onto them and pull them away from me.  He’s really very smart about it as I’ve trained him that it’s only my pants, not Sharron’s, and it’s only non-work pants.  It’s a fun game to play that he really enjoys even if it’s only for 30 seconds.

Friday I was getting dressed for work and he was sitting on the bed watching me.  He knew he couldn’t get my work pants and this seemed to depress him some.  He jumped down off of the bed and looked at me as if to say, “Why can’t I get these pants?”  He then looked behind him and saw a pile of laundry.  In this pile was another pair of pants (Non-work even!).  He turned back to me and I swear he smiled.  Quick as can be he grabbed the paid of pants out of the pile of laundry, pulled them up onto the bed and shook them around in victory!

It was pretty damn funny.  :-)

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