In the fall of 2009, a dream was born.  One of my co-workers, Tory, suggested we form a department basketball team to play in the Travelers recreational league.  We were able to assemble a team of 11 players, some with experience, some without (like me).  Ok true, I had played in junior high and then tons of pick-up games in high school and in the Air Force.  Does that kind of thing help or hinder though?  Only time would tell.

Our first game was on November 12th…at 9:10 PM.  Gah.  That’s a late game, especially for guys not used to playing and who had never played together before.  Needless to say, the outcome was not good.  44 – 19 loss.  It would be the first of many.

We did finally win a game in December with a score of 50 – 25.  A little strange after some of the other scores we’d had.  Our second win was 2 weeks ago against a team that we had already lost to.  We won by 1 point.  This wasn’t too surprising as the first game against them, we’d only lost by 2 points.

The season has been a lot of fun with many games being very close and at least winable.  The crushing blow for this season came Monday night.  We played the team that we had our first win against again.  The problem?  5 of our 11 players would be unable to attend.  With the margin of victory being so great last time, we of course were confident that we could handle it.  We didn’t.  We lost 30 – 35.  This would be the other teams 1st win this season…and as it turns out, their first win in over 3 years of playing together.

I have to be honest here.  I’m not the best player.  I’m probably one of the worst.  I play pretty good defense, but so does the rest of the team.  I really suck at offense.  I scored a max of 2 points in any given game, and did on Monday too.  However, I missed 4 free throw shots.  If I made even half of the shots I missed in any game, we would probably have a few more wins under our belt.

All that aside, this was probably the most devastating loss to me personally in many years.  We did nothing right and I really felt that as a team we played poorly.  We easily could have won this game, but just didn’t pull it together.

Really, that’s been the struggle with the team the whole season.   As I said, we play pretty good defense, our problem is offense.  We have a problem with getting the ball to anyone under the goal.  Or, getting someone with the ball outside to drive to the hole.  We tend to simply shoot from outside.  The problem with that is that we can’t make more than 1 of 5 of these shots.  I’m pretty tall, but have never really been able to jump very high.  Apparently I’m not the only one with this problem as we can’t seem to get rebounds on offense.  So we play defense for 1-3 minutes, run back, shoot and miss, run to play defense… ad nauseum.  Rinse and repeat.  Etc.

We have 2 games left.  The first one is against a team we haven’t really played before.  The previous time we were supposed to play them, only 4 of us showed up.  We played 1 half of a game and lost 21 – 4.  The rules state you can’t play a whole game with only 4 players.  The final team we did lose to, but only 35 – 42.  Both games are very winable, I just hope we can step up our game a bit.  Wish us luck.

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